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Pre- and post-partum maternal depressive symptoms are related to children’s brain structure in preschool
Catherine Lebel, Matthew Walton, Nicole Letourneau, Gerald F. Giesbrecht, Bonnie J. Kaplan, Deborah Dewey |Biological Psychiatry, Available online 15 December 2015, ISSN 0006-3223

Brain metabolite levels and language abilities in preschool children​
Catherine Lebel, Frank P. MacMaster, Deborah Dewey
Brain and Behavior, Available online 01 August 2016, ISSN 2162-3279

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Preschool Imaging Study Newsletter is out!

Thanks to all the families who volunteer their time, we have recruited 127 children! We are following up with successful participants for their second, third, fourth, and fifth visits. To further refine our understanding of children brain’s development we are hoping to follow-up with as many successful participants as possible!

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Once upon an MRI

The latest edition of the University of Calgary Fall/Winter Cumming School of Medicine magazine is out and features an article by Kathryn Kazoleas  about the mock scanner and the preschool imaging study (Pages 18-20). For more information please visit:! 

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